Modern medicine puts its emphasis on cure rather than prevention: preventive therapy is never its first priority. In a way, modern medicine welcomes health problems because health problems generate billions of dollars on medical research for drug therapy. Modern medicine is the single biggest business in the United States. Doctors, hospitals, insurance and pharmaceutical companies – all make money out of your sickness. Yes, modern medicine is a sickness business.

There is a valid reason why modern medicine does not put its emphasis on preventive therapy. Preventive medicine is never profitable. Just look at the dental profession, which has put so much emphasis on prevention that now there are fewer dental schools, fewer dental patients, and fewer dentists.

Take another look at pharmaceutical companies. The more health problems you have, the more pharmaceutical drugs they produce, and the more money they make. On top of that, all pharmaceutical drugs have side effects, and some of these adverse side effects may cause more problems down the road, requiring more pharmaceutical drugs – a vicious cycle of health problems and profits for pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the patient’s health and well-being. Drug therapy is the way to prosperity for the pharmaceutical industry.

Your doctor is no more than a repairman to fix your health problems. And your doctor is an expensive repairman at that.

But is this the doctor’s fault?

No. Doctors are trained to treat disease, not to prevent it. In medical schools, doctors are trained to deal with the patient after there is a problem. Modern medicine is not preventive medicine. It is the medical profession to suppress symptoms through drug therapy and surgeries, and other drastic measures. Doctors are educated on human nutrition, but only an elementary understanding of the basics of nutrition. Doctors are certainly not trained to use nutrition therapy to treat an illness. Has your doctor ever asked you: “What do you eat?” Does your doctor know about your diet? Has your doctor asked you if you exercise or not?

It is time the medical profession learned from the patients the underlying causes of the patients’ problems, instead of identifying the symptoms of a specific problem and labeling it as a particular disease.

Another important aspect you should observe in your doctor is your doctor’s own body image, which is often a reflection of the personal lifestyle of that individual. You would not want to be treated by your doctor who is grossly overweight, would you?

Dr. John Sarno, author of “Mind Over Back Pain,” said doctors should facilitate “patient awareness and the utilization of nature’s self-restoration process, releasing the potential within individuals to heal themselves.” Yes, doctors may help you with your health problems, but you have to heal yourself, just as Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, once said: “Everyone has a doctor in him” and nobody knows your own constitution better than yourself. Heal yourself through nutrition therapy and preventive therapy.

Modern medicine performs far too many surgeries and prescribe far too many drugs. Nowadays an average senior has 15 prescription drugs. If this is not too much, then what is? Drug therapy is only a symptomatic therapy. You cannot purchase health in a pharmacy. You may be alive, but not well. A doctor may be able to alleviate your health problems, but only you can eradicate them through nutrition therapy and preventive therapy. Health wisdom is knowing your doctor and modern medicine.